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I like to write. Different genres are my thing! What I think can be entertaining; I put it on paper!

I think the hardest thing about writing is actually sitting down and doing it! You will be surprised how easy it is to lose a thought. So periodically I jot things down. And believe it or not! The thought you had prior before you actually had a chance to write it down just isn't there for some reason. I've actually gotten off at the next exit; even pulled over to the side of the road just to use the recorder on my phone. I'm hoping some of my stories will be read to audiences world wide now and long after I'm gone. I find out that there are more than a 8,000,000 stories in a naked city. He heard them as he walked down the block? I believe reading can be better for the soul and the mind. Sometimes you just want to read and don't have to go get the dictionary. Maybe build your vocabulary, Oh I almost forgot. Look it up on your phone. Readings should be fun. Understanding what's being presented to you can be a necessity to understand the story. So don't overlook words you don't know. Look them up! Keep it moving! So world! Just check me out! I write it like I talk it!

Hope to hear from some folks!


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