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Whats Going On? TALK TO ME!

This has been a journey for the betterment of my knowledge to use technology! I am trying to really get this going! Believe it or not, I am really enjoying this! I've never let a challenge defeat me! Years ago when I sold Real estate, many people dropped out of the profession. Mainly because computers were taking over. I used to carry about four books like the NY Yellow pages to listing appointments! Now a notebook or better yet a cell phone will do. Learning more about that too! People used to laugh at the model number of my phone! I want to talk to people about anything that is on their minds. (Please keep in mind I'm not a physiologist! You will get to know me! I can and will give you options better yet opinions from other folks? Brainstorming.) Always remember, its your life, don't let people steer you into someone you are not! So on that note! I really want to know whats on your mind? Whats going on in your world?


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