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I have been going around asking people their thoughts pertaining to our "Presidential Race! The salesman in me allows me to ask what ever I feel. Most of the people are salespeople also! They know me, at least they think they do. Good sales people are fewer these days! There are three things I really hate to talk about. Politics, religion and sexual preference. I'm familiar with all three! I do have an opinion and just keep in mind, that it's just mine. I don't want to offend anyone but, if you are offended,by thoughts, comments from someone else or myself. Believe me it is not my fault! "Check Yourself!"

It's the first time I decided to do a little blogging on the site that I am building. I noticed that my blog was left alone for a while and it appears to be on the Internet as news! I was so happy to see that! I decided to do some blogging. During the next few weeks I'll be writing what I'm hearing from people that I meet during my day. I am learning how to do this. I'd like to hear suggestions and good conversation! Later. BUZZY

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