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My name is Gregory S. Carr. Im the last of the Baby Boomers ,early 60's. I was born July 15, 1960 in Jamaica NY.  Rappers put Jamaica Queens on the map. I presently live in Freeport NY.  My old school friends call me "Buzzy!  Im a father, husband , grandfather, uncle, son, cousin, brother and a friend to most that know me. Ive been to three universities, and found jobs wherever I lived. I've met alot of people in my travels through life, and  worked doing everything except a waiter and a fast food dude that I can remember. A co-worker told me one day "You sound like a 80 year old man as many jobs you've had!"


I had a job when I was just 13 years old. Working with my uncle hauling water melons. Hard work, paid good for a 13 year old. My uncle showed me how. I worked one summer while in high school learning to be a student counselor. I worked for an agency serving summons and supoenas for child abuse cases. Then I branched out to warrants, repos, baby momma dramas, and worked with children in group homes and juvenile detention homes and I can't forget Sales!!!


My first sales job  was selling vacuum cleaners door to door.  Later on  baby pictures , cosmetics, water purifiers, health aids, realestate  and when the market changed I sold furniture.  You name it I probably sold it! During these times I would write down things that happened during my day like a diary. I have lots of stories to tell and im gonna write a few more books to entertain people. I lost a lot of material due to Hurricane Sandy, but I still remember some of the stories I wrote.


My first book is a children's tale I made up while substitute teaching after completing my degree 20 years later. I made up this story working in the surrounding  school districts.  I told this story to a class of fith graders one day, and the other substitute teacher came to me at lunch time and asked. " Mr Carr do you like beef and broccoli?" Who doesn't? She gave it to me and told me to tell her that story again. I started telling her as I opened my duck sauce, she started writing! I asked her "How much was the food?" "Why?" She replied. " Did you really enjoy the story?" "Yes!" she told me! " Glad you liked it, but I think the next time you hear it again, it will hopefully be a book!" We laughed and I got a free lunch that day. 


I was told by many people I meet to put my stories on the internet, get a web-site, send them to Oprah, all kinds of ways to sell them. My youngest daughter is leaving for college and my handicapped son is in remission (Hodgkins Lymphoma) cancer survivor. Tell you the truth it takes money and lots of time to sit down and write, so I'm building this site learning how to navigate it!

Did I mention I have three children and two grandchildren.

Sometimes you just have to say "I"!


Trying to get this going the right way, God has to be with me! Life can be hard at times! The old saying " he never gives you more than you can bare!..?


So Thanks for taking the time to read my first Bio thingy and hope to hear from you folks later! Oh dont forget!